Indemnity Clause

At Jack & Jill Natural we try our utmost best to provide you with safe, stimulating or soothing products that are handmade with love.  As mamas of multiple children we do however know firsthand that these little tykes have a way of creating danger out of nothing.  We thus advise our clients to always supervise when you let your little bundle of joy play with one of our products and follow the safety guidelines for sleep and play as stipulated by the World Health Organization and the American Academy of Pediatrics.  We all want to see our kids grow into amazing adults and that responsibility lies on you as parent. We cannot accept any responsibility for harm, injury or damage caused by the use of Jack & Jill Natural products.

We do our part in ensuring we provide you with high end custom made products and we trust that you as our wonderful clients will enforce safety on your end.  Please feel free to communicate suggestions to us so that we may continue to provide you with sought after, beautiful and unique products to enrich the lives of babies and Mamas all over.