3-Pack Budget Whoopsy-Daisies



Product Description

50cm x 20cm

I think anyone who has ever held a baby has experienced some sort of biological liquid on them! In our family, reflux is very common. BAD reflux... We quickly learned that the old fashioned terry square nappies cause a rash on very soft newborn skin and they take some time to dry. Time a reflux mom for sure doesn't have. So we came up with a solution! We offer two options to help you out with drool, spit-up, milk leaks, diaper leaks...juice spills...you name it! Our cotton fleece or cotton french terry woopsy-daisies are nice and trim to squeeze into a ready-to-pop diaper bag and dry super fast. They are also brilliant in summer when you don't particularly feel like having a thick piece of fabric dangling over your shoulder while you pace the nursery floor!


Jack and Jill Natural

Jack and Jill Natural Brand
Dimensions N/A
Colour Options

Dusty Pink, Dusty Peach, Grape, Solid Navy, Turquoise, Oatmeal, Natural, White, Pink, Grey Melange, Charcoal

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