Cotton fleece flat nappies – Newborn Light Grey


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Product Description

Buttery soft against new baby skin and highly absorbent! 50x50cm for a lovely trim fit in the early days.

Fasten these nappies with a snappy using a origami fold or simply pad fold them and pop in a cover for a quick fix.

Why do we recommend flats?

Newborns wee a lot! They drink all day and wee all day! These nappies wash and dry real fast as you only have a single layer of fabric to dry as opposed to other options that have multiple layers for the winter sun to get through!

Our second reason: you can use them much longer than other nappies! Once baby outgrew newborn flats you can pad fold them and use them to boost your OSFM nappies. Once baby is done using nappies you can use them as rags for around the house or sell them secondhand for some cash! Zero waste!

The average newborn has 8 to 12 diaper changes a day! That means keeping ONE tiny baby in disposable nappies for ONE month will lead to up to 360 chemical rich plastic nappies in landfills or the ocean!

Go green! Use cloth! And use a style that is affordable and sustainable.

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